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Sustainable tourism

Your stay at the Saha Forest Camp will allow you to participate in the community development. Local community is the owner of the hotel and the direct beneficiary of the project.

Anjozorobe-Angavo - Protected Area

The Anjozorobe Angavo forest corridor  is one of the last vestiges of natural forests in  Madagascar central highlands,

Characterized by hills interposed with rice paddies, the forest is special because its location is between the eastern and central of Madagascar. It’s so amazing ! A lot of biodiversity that competent scientific and administrative authorities have classified this forest as a conservation area priority.

Key figures

  • 41 100 hectares of harmonious and protected landscape
  • 28,000 hectares of primary forest
  • 9 species of lemurs including the famous Indri indri
  • 74 species of birds
  • 26 species of micro-mammals
  • 38 species of amphibians
  • 36 species of reptiles
  • 75 species of orchids

NGO FANAMBY approach

Long before the identification and environmental toward its, peoples of diverse ethnic groups, so in that period, they was running away from the colonial authorities repression or simply looking for productive land. Slowly, they are  entered in the corridor forest and founded their life.
Now, many villages are depending on this forest resources through the differents activities threatening directly or indirectly the corridor environment.

In 4 years, between 2000 and 2004, around 20,000 ha of natural forests have disappeared. So, the environmental emergency was obvious and urgent but it’s not possible and unfairt without  communities consent.

The tourism introduction into the enclosed area is one of the solutions to fight the progressive forest degradation. Fanamby should know that  tourism is also a leverage for community development.